How to Do YouTube Ad Blocking?

How to Do YouTube Ad Blocking? , YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform with 2 billion monthly active users.

Having such a large audience also makes the platform very attractive for advertisers. Companies frequently use ads on the platform, which is also YouTube’s biggest source of income.

But according to Digital Trust Surveys, YouTube is ranked as the most annoying advertising platform location by close to 50% of respondents.

Many people are searching for how to get rid of annoying YouTube ads. We will talk about some methods to get rid of non-skippable ads, 30-second ads or pop-up ads that appear on the screen. By using the following methods , you will get rid of YouTube ads on the phone and desktop.

YouTube Ad Blocking – Android

Being a highly flexible platform, Android allows you to add many feature-rich third-party apps to the phone. While there are other options to get rid of annoying YouTube ads, the easiest solution to remove ads is to download an Adblock browser app that will act as your default browser.

Here are the steps you need to take to block YouTube ads on Android phones :

  • Click here to install Adblock browser on your Android phone .
  • After installing Adblock Browser, your Android device may try to play videos in YouTube app.
  • To prevent this, open “ Settings ” on your Android phone and go to “ Apps & notifications ”. Then say See All .
  • Once you find YouTube among the apps, tap on it once.
  • Click on “ Storage and cache ” on the app info screen .
  • Tap on “ Clear storage ”. In this way, you will clear all the cache and data of the application from the operating system.
  • After that, you will be able to open YouTube videos in the AdBlock browser, ad-free.

YouTube Ad Blocking – iPhone

On iOS, you can block YouTube ads in the Safari browser app by continuing to use the default iOS browser. You can add third-party ad blocker apps to block YouTube ads on your iPhone.

To enable ad blocking, follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Store and type ‘ youtube ad block ‘ in the search field.
  • You will see applications such as AdGuard, AdBlock Pro for Safari . Download one of them that you can catch your eye.
  • Then go to ‘ Settings ‘ with the gear icon on your iPhone and search for Safari from there .
  • In Safari settings you will find “ Block Pop-ups ” toggle button, enable this part.
  • Tap on “ Content Blockers ” located just below the toggle button .
  • Here you will see the ad blocker app you just downloaded. Activate the app you will see under Allow these content blockers by tapping the slider icon on the right.
  • Your Safari browser will block all YouTube ads during playback from now on.

YouTube Ad Blocking on PC

If you want to support the channels you follow on YouTube, you can purchase YouTube Premium, which will remove ads from your YouTube life. But it’s also true that most people don’t like the idea of ​​paying for a free service.

There are some solutions where you can block YouTube ads in Chrome. Google’s service called Addons , where it lists third-party apps , can help you get rid of YouTube ads. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Click here to reach the Google Plugins page .
  • In the blank that says ‘Search Extensions’, type ‘ YouTube ad blocker ‘.
  • Ad blockers such as AdBlock, AdGuard, Adblock for Youtube will appear. Tap on one of them.
  • Tap on ‘ Add to Chrome ‘ on the right and have the extension added to Chrome.
  • After installing the plugin, you will have blocked ads on YouTube videos.

NOTE: With these plugins [for example AdBlock] you will not only block YouTube ads, but also all ads on sites. Some sites may detect that you are using an ad blocker and restrict your access to the site. To remove this restriction, click on the ad blocker you added and you will see a phrase like ‘remove for this site’. By activating it, you can enter the site to see ads. Anyway, our goal is to save you from annoying ads. We recommend that you do not forget that the biggest revenue item of a site is advertisements.

Just like Android, there is an add-on for Firefox that you can use for YouTube ad blocking. You can download the add-on developed for Youtube™ under the name Adblock, to your Firefox browser by accessing the link below .

According to the developers, the plugin greatly increases the loading speed of YouTube. This creates a better and faster usage for users.

YouTube Ad Blocker Extensions

There are many more extensions you can use for ad blocking when you use YouTube on a computer. If for some reason the extension we mentioned above doesn’t work, you can also take a look at the suggestions below. Let’s also mention that all of these are free .


Ghostery is a powerful Firefox YouTube ad blocker. It further reduces page load time by cleaning up the clutter caused by excessive ads on YouTube. You can access the Ghostery plugin, which has artificial intelligence-assisted filtering and smart blocking features, here .

Fair AdBlocker

If you are looking for an advanced YouTube ad blocker, you can also choose Fair AdBlocker. You can block any ads you want, including video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads, flash banners, Facebook ads. You can download this extension for Chrome, which has a very high number of users, from here.

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