How to hide photos in iOS 16?

Did you know that in iOS 16 you can hide your photos that you don’t want anyone to see? If you don’t know how this feature works, we’ll share all you need to know in this guide.

If you don’t know how to use the iOS 16 photo hide feature, we will explain it to you in this guide. You can hide your personal photos from prying eyes by following some simple steps.

From time to time, you may not want the friends and family you’ve given permission to use your iPhone to see your private photos in your photo library. For peace of mind when lending your iPhone, Apple allows iPhone users to hide their private photos by moving them to a secret album.

There are many new features in iOS 16 that aim to improve the iPhone user experience. iOS 16 improves Apple’s mobile operating system in many ways, from an updated lock screen to an improved Focus tool.

However, every major update brings with it many features that we need to learn. Even the most experienced iPhone users may have questions about how certain features work in iOS 16.

As always, Apple has done a good job of outlining the information you need to know before using a new app or setting. If you still don’t know where to start, we’ll help you…

We may have wasted time navigating through the settings to activate a new function we’ve all read about at some point.

The iOS 16 photo hide feature stands out as one of such new features of iOS that people are eager to use.

With this feature, you can easily hide your photos with sensitive content or photos that you don’t want anyone to see. As a result, no one wants their personal information to be seen by others.

By the way, if you do not know how to copy photos on iOS 16, our corresponding guide can help you. Now let’s check the iOS 16 photo hide feature together.

Guide: iOS 16 hide photos

With iOS 16, you can now hide your photos. Users are eager to use the new function on their device, which has received a lot of publicity. This is why many people are wondering how to hide images on their iPhone.

The ability to edit photos in various useful ways is already available on iOS. But hiding pictures can add an additional layer of security to your photo gallery.

Fortunately, hiding your photos is pretty simple.

To be able to hide your photos on iOS 16, follow these steps:

  • Find the picture you want to hide in the Photos app.
  • Select to view the entire picture.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the Options icon (three dots in a circle).
  • Select “ Hide ” from the drop-down menu and tap “ Hide Photo ” when prompted .

That’s all you need to do. Now you have learned how to hide your photos. Your hidden pictures will now be in a different album.

Guide: Finding iOS 16 hidden photos

You will undoubtedly want to find the relevant photos you have stored later.

As you can imagine, iOS 16 does a good job of keeping private photos private and separate from your other photos.

Follow these steps to learn how to find hidden photos in iOS 16:

  • Select “ Albums ” from the taskbar at the bottom of the screen in the Photos app .
  • Tap on the “ Hidden ” option located under the “ More ” tab on the “ Albums ” screen .
  • Use “ Face ID ”, “ Touch ID ” or your “ Screen Lock Passcode ” to unlock Hidden pictures album when prompted . Here you can find all your hidden pictures.

If you cannot see the hidden album, go to “ Settings ” > “ Photos ” and enable the “ Show Hidden Album ” option. Now you can find the hidden album in the Photos app.

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