How to put an animated wallpaper on your PC

How to put an animated wallpaper on your PC – Do you want to put an animated wallpaper on your PC to guarantee that unique look? Know how to use Lively Wallpaper in this guide.

From time to time we can feel that our computer’s face is dull and we need to give it a stir. It may be that putting an animated wallpaper on the PC already solves this issue, so it’s worth knowing a program that does this for us. I separated two options for you, which one do you already know?

How to put an animated wallpaper on your PC

  1. Get the app In the Microsoft Store, type the app name “ Lively Wallpaper ” to find it. Then click the “Purchase” button to install it on your PC. Don’t forget that it’s free;
  2. Pick from library You’ll have a few options to set an animated wallpaper on your PC as soon as you open the app. The library already has some pre-installed options. If you want to use any of them, just click on the image that will soon be added to the “Active Wallpaper” space;
  3. Select the layout By clicking on the “Active Wallpaper” button, you will have options to set the wallpaper layout. It is possible to duplicate, expand, leave only on the selected screen and even set everything as a screensaver
  4. Customize Lastly, if you want to add an animated image from a URL or a file downloaded on your PC, you need to click on the “+ Add” button. Then, just use the “Browse” or “Enter URL” options to choose which wallpaper you want to put.

It is worth noting that as practical as Lively Wallpaper is, it requires a little from your PC, that is, just like the next option, crashes may occur. Anyway, it’s an alternative that allows you to leave your desktop with a lot of style.

Is Wallpaper Engine also a good option?

Costing BRL 9.99 in the Steam store, this application serves to put wallpaper on the PC, but with much more features than Lively Wallpaper. Right off the bat, it brings several customization tools, whether for images that are already animated or those that are still static.

You can set different resolutions including 16:9, 21:9, 16:10 and 4:3. In addition, there is support for multiple monitors and mouse-controlled animations. Like Lively Wallpaper, this app causes the wallpaper to pause when a game is running.

On the other hand, for low-intermediate computer owners, this may not be the best alternative. That’s because Wallpaper Engine requires a lot of RAM memory, that is, if your PC is relatively weak, you can expect many crashes and/or crashes.

The ideal memory for using this app is 2048 MB of RAM on Windows 11, according to the developer.

If you just want to put an animated wallpaper on your PC, then the best choice is to use an app that will require as little as possible. 

Then Lively Wallpaper can satisfy your need. However, if you want greater freedom of customization, Wallpaper Engine offers and delivers everything with greater intensity, even if it demands more from your machine.

Do you know other app options for wallpapers? Which is your favorite? Tell us!

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