5 How to View Twitter Accounts on Private Without Follow

How to View a Twitter Account on Private , It’s natural to wonder how a private account can be viewed on Twitter. 

Because people are curious about many hidden things. Especially if you have an interest in people whose accounts are private on Twitter and are curious about their posts, this curiosity can be much stronger. 

Therefore, “What are some ways to view private accounts on Twitter?” That question will always be on your mind.

Can I view Private accounts on Twitter?

First of all, we have to admit that; You shouldn’t rely too much on programs that claim to allow you to view private accounts on Twitter. 

Nonetheless, we will cite at least the popular ones from those programs. As a last resort, you can look at programs that show hidden accounts on Twitter.

Also, the first thing you need to do to ethically view a private Twitter account is to send a follow request to a Twitter user. There may be hopeless case situations, but you should not skip this simple step.

If you’re lucky, other people may receive your Twitter follow requests. But if you want to view a tweet without following it, there is another way to do it.

How to View Twitter Accounts on Private

You can create fake ID to view protected or private Twitter accounts, you can view all tweets hidden as fake followers of that person. 

Here are some ways you can view your Twitter account in private:

1. Create a Fake Twitter ID

First you need to open an account using another phone number or fake ID. Then you need to send a follow request to the person whose tweet you want to see without becoming a follower of that person. 

After this stage, you have to wait until your request is accepted by the user.

Once your request is granted, you can easily view the user’s personal information and protected tweets without revealing your real identity. It’s not difficult to create a fake account on Twitter if you have an alternative mobile id or email.

2. Check People Followers List

By the way, don’t use the fake Twitter account you created to spam or annoy people. Because Twitter can permanently delete your account.

That is, opening an account in the name of a person on that person’s follower list. Of course, the person’s photo must be publicly available. Then create an account with the same name and surname as the image. 

Actually, this is not considered an ethical method, but you can also use such means to increase your chances; create a dummy account of someone in the follower list.

Targeted people may accept your request to add, if they’re not too careful at this point, on the grounds that they are familiar. From now on, you will have the opportunity to view the person’s personal Twitter account. 

Of course, this will apply until the person realizes that you have created a fake account. He might block you once he finds out, but by then you’ve accessed his profile

3. Request Screenshots From Followers

If you have friends whose personal Twitter accounts follow each other, you can ask that person to take a screenshot and send it to you. 

If you don’t know anyone, you can forward the same request to followers you don’t know to try your luck. Of course, the important point here is why you are making this request. 

In other words, if your purpose for requesting a screenshot matches the person you requested, you can view the hidden Twitter account. 

But if there is a negative response, you can make the same request from a different follower this time. How many people you ask this is completely up to you.

If a person with a private Twitter account has their cache enabled, Google may have cached that person’s tweets. This means you can see the tweets in the person’s personal account.

Most people intentionally or unknowingly enable their Google cache. In this case, the best method that you can use is to view hidden tweets with the help of this cache.

You can find tweets by name, location likely to be mentioned in the tweet, or different keywords via Google Images. To view a personal Twitter account with Google, you can:

  • Go to the Google homepage.
  • Type Twitter next to the Twitter username of the person you want to see tweets from (excalibur_35, for example).
  • Now go to Google Images and check if there is a screenshot associated with the profile you are looking for.

5. Check Sites That Show Private Accounts on Twitter

By doing some research, I checked almost all the options for how you can view private accounts on Twitter. 

Namely, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are several tools that claim to be able to access hidden accounts. 

But the purpose of all this is to extort money from you. Therefore, I suggest you stay away from such organizations.

However,  one  site caught my eye. This site allows you to view tweets where the person was mentioned. 

All you have to do is enter the person’s username (no Twitter, just username) after logging into the site. Then click on the search icon and see all the tweets mentioned on Twitter as we mentioned.

Frankly, I can say that this is the most useful method, except for the first 4 methods. 

If all these methods do not help satisfy your curiosity, feel free to contact us in the comments section. After researching and finding different solutions, we will definitely add them by updating this article.

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