16 Real Ways To Make Money From Amazon!

For entrepreneurs and investors who want to make money from Amazon, we have presented 16 unique real ways for you in our guide.

There are many different ways to earn money through the US -based Amazon , the world’s largest shopping platform . For entrepreneurs and investors who want to make money with Amazon, you can earn significant income in many different ways that can be considered reliable.

Founded in 1994 and initially only a book sales platform, Amazon is a general shopping site serving almost all countries in the world today. The platform, which managed to rank first in the list of the most reliable shopping platforms, also has a Turkey service.

In order to earn money from Amazon in 2023, we recommend that you first learn about Amazon.


Amazon is an e-commerce site. You can find millions of products in hundreds of categories, from toys to health products. It has a reliable and unique return policy. It acts with the policy of “The customer is always right ” and pushes away serious profit margin opportunities to ensure 100 percent satisfaction.

Amazon was named the world’s most valuable brand in 2019 . It has close to 1.4 million employees worldwide.

Actively entering the Turkish market in 2020, Amazon has not yet achieved the desired success in our country, but its annual growth draws attention.

Most of the products sold on Amazon belong to the manufacturers. These products are listed, supplied and shipped by those who register as sellers on Amazon. However, it is possible to find millions of products of Amazon in different categories. These products are listed, supplied and shipped directly by Amazon.


There are 16 different ways to make money on Amazon. Each road contains different dynamics within itself. We recommend that you focus on choosing what’s best for you by taking a look at all the ways to make money. Let’s take a look at these ways…


Potential: 10/10

When it comes to apparel on Amazon, one of the most money-saving methods is to sell private label items. A sales potential of up to 70 percent in the clothing department is directed towards these products. You can earn a lot of money from Amazon by selling your private label products.

Amazon has support for private label products. You can have an existing product produced with your own private label and sell it through Amazon’s logistics network.

You don’t even need to source and ship the product to sell private label products on Amazon. For these transactions, you will not need to make any extra effort other than paying a commission. It is one of the most interesting ways to make money on Amazon.


Potential: 4/10

It is one of the largest e-book platforms in the world where you can sell your own books as e-books. All you need to do to earn money through Kindle is to have barcodes to show that the book belongs to you. Consumers around the world can then purchase this book with their mobile devices.

To start selling books on Amazon, simply sign up for the Kindle service. After registering as a producer, you can make your own books ready for sale. Unfortunately , there is no Turkish support in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing . However, this does not mean that you cannot sell Turkish books. There are tens of thousands of e-books sold in Turkish on Amazon.


Potential: 8/10

One of the best ways to make money on Amazon without capital is through affiliate marketing. With this method, called Affiliate Marketing on Amazon, you can earn money if you find customers to sell their products on Amazon.

In short, you will earn commission from every customer you send to Amazon to sell a product that is already on sale. It has a serious potential, especially for users with large websites and social media accounts.

You have the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month through this business idea, which you will start with no capital.

After registering with Associates , Amazon’s affiliate service, you can start making money with the affiliate program. The service also accepts users from Turkey.


Potential: 9/10

Don’t feel like you only have to sell retail items on Amazon. At the same time, Amazon is among the best wholesale platforms in the world. If you own a wholesale product or sell wholesale products belonging to others; There are no obstacles in front of you to earn money.

Wholesale services are used extensively on Amazon and it should be noted that almost all kinds of products are searched in the form of wholesale. Of course, the most important criterion for making money by selling wholesale products on Amazon is the prices you provide.


Potential: 6/10

One of the ways to make money on Amazon is by couriering for Flex, Amazon’s logistics service. Especially in the USA and Europe , you can earn close to 20 dollars an hour with the Flex service. Although it is not active in Turkey yet, the related service is expected to come to our country in the coming period.

If you have your own motorcycle or vehicle, the income you will earn through this service can greatly increase.


Potential: 5/10

You can create a blog to guide those who want to learn how to make money from Amazon. There are not many Amazon blogs that provide clear information in this area, especially in Turkish. You can make money by guiding entrepreneurs and investors by following the trends in the rest of the world.

You can share great products on Amazon with the affiliate service on your blog and earn additional income this way.


Potential: 4/10

You can earn money by performing simple tasks through one of Amazon’s interesting services, Amazon Mechanical Turk ( MTurk for short).

You have the opportunity to earn money through these simple tasks such as taking surveys, verifying data, entering data, and often do not require serious experience. Signing up for Amazon’s MTurk service is free and you get paid per task. You can even earn $20-30 for some missions.

MTurk service also provides services to other companies. In short, at MTurk, you can do not only the duties of Amazon, but also similar works of other companies in need. Thus, the business potential increases.


Potential: 10/10

One of the best ways to make money on Amazon in recent years is to arbitrage. Arbitrage is often a way of making money from the difference between different prices for the same product.

Doing arbitrage yourself is often cumbersome and difficult to maintain. For this, you need to have one of the programs that are sold on the internet for a fee. In short, the system mixes the prices of the same product between Amazon and other platforms.

For example, a product that sells for $10 on Amazon may be sold for $6 on Ebay. In this case, the program tells you that there is a profit opportunity of 4 dollars, and after you put the same product on sale on Amazon for 9 dollars, you enter the orders from Ebay and deliver them to the customer.

You do not need to purchase or ship the product to arbitrage. Apart from the program fee, there is no additional capital requirement, except that you pay the price of the product 15 days in advance. The products you sell on Amazon are paid after 15 days.

Important Note: Arbitrage has become one of the most competitive ways of making money in recent years. Therefore, it is much more difficult to find a very advantageous product compared to the past. Instead, it may even be more advantageous to take advantage of opportunities in stores physically.


Potential: X/10

Amazon is among the largest employers in the world. Operating in Turkey since 2020, Amazon has more than 1 million personnel worldwide. It is clear that Amazon, whose service in Turkey is growing rapidly, often needs new personnel.

If you have a successful CV , it is recommended that you browse Amazon’s job postings frequently.


Potential: 6/10

You can sell your own handmade products through Amazon’s handmade service. Since the program works entirely by invitation, it is clear that you must be a competent person in your field.

You can generate significant income through the Handmade service that Amazon has opened to support craftspeople around the world . It will be an important chance for you to be accepted to the program if you send the products you have made before with a video.

Profitability is very high in Amazon’s related service. These products can be sold 2-3 times more expensive than mass production products in the same category. Moreover, there are millions of consumers following the service worldwide.


Potential: 4/10

On Amazon, you can convert the products you no longer use into Amazon gift certificates. Although technically there is no effective way to make money, it can be used to monetize products you no longer use.

It is a method that will allow you to find money easily, especially if you do not have the resources for the above ways to earn money. Remember that you can convert gift certificates into cash. There are many reliable platforms that serve for this.


Potential: 8/10

Amazon is not just an e-commerce site. It is a platform where you can also sell your services.

You can post an advertisement for your services such as repair, maintenance and repair, and thus, you can find a job on Amazon. It hosts one of the most used service search services in the world in this field.

Although it has a competitive structure, it should be noted that you have the chance to find a job easily with the advantage of price and additional service.


Potential: 5/10

You can create online courses for those who want to earn money by selling on Amazon. One of the best-selling course categories on Upwork, Udemy and similar online course platforms is e-commerce. Therefore, if you have experience in the sector and are able to transfer them to others, you have a high opportunity to earn money.


Potential: 5/10

Although it will not be considered as Amazon only, you can make money by consulting on e-commerce for businesses. It is an important business field for a country like Turkey that has not reached a certain level of competence in this field.

By improving yourself in e-commerce, you can earn money by providing companies with an important support in e-commerce sales.


Potential: 4/10

It is an Amazon monetization method available only in the US. With the service called CamperForce, you can earn money by performing small and medium-level jobs between Amazon’s centers in different regions on a seasonal basis.

With this program, which is opened especially for people who like to camp with their caravan, you can cover all camping expenses and earn a significant income on top of it.

In CamperForce , there are jobs such as transportation, collection, packaging.


Potential: 10/10

And of course, the most important way to make money on Amazon is to sell products in any category on Amazon.

Being a seller on Amazon is easy. After filling out a simple form and submitting tax information, your account is opened. Currently, you do not need to pay any fees for Amazon Turkey service. However, it has been stated that soon, a monthly fee of 99 TL will be charged from the sellers. It’s definitely the right time to be a seller.

It’s easy to start selling once you register as a seller on Amazon. After entering the product listing section on your seller page, you can easily enter your product’s name, photos, features, description, shipping information, price and all other options that can be preferred. You can easily do this without having a serious technical knowledge through a user-oriented simple design.

After completing the relevant registration on Amazon, your product will be approved. If there is no problem in listing your product after this step, it will be broadcast on all Amazon’s services. The sales are also forwarded to you, and after these products are shipped, you upload the tracking code to the system.

After the product sales are completed, Amazon’s commission amount is deducted and the payments are made to your bank account after 15 days.

Here are the product commissions on Amazon:

  • Camera: 6%
  • Mobile Phone: 6%
  • Clothing: 10%
  • Computer: 6%
  • Electronics: 6%
  • Electronic Accessories: 10%
  • Personal Care Devices: 10%
  • DIY Market, Garden, Home and Kitchenware, Decoration: 10%
  • Kitchen (Small Home Appliances: 6%
  • Toys and Games: 10%
  • Books: 10%
  • Baby Products (excluding Clothing): 10%
  • Stationery and Office: 10%
  • Sports and Outdoor: 10%
  • Shoes, Handbags and Shoe Accessories: 10%
  • Beauty: % 10
  • Health and Personal Care: 10%
  • Food Products: 10%
  • Pet Products: 10%
  • Musical Equipment and Instruments: 10%

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