The Best App To Find Out Hourly Electricity Prices

When the cost of energy is through the roof, there is nothing better than installing an app to find out the price of electricity per hour

Now, which is the best? Keep reading to discover the application for your electricity rate that best suits your needs.

We have divided this article into two parts. First, we look for the best app to see the price of electricity from your mobile. 

This way you will always know when it is cheaper to use your appliances. Then, we answer some frequently asked questions that many users have regarding this topic.

Best Apps To Know The Price of Electricity

What is promised is debt: we begin by analyzing what, from our point of view, are the most advisable applications to know the price of electricity and thus save money with your mobile . The selection is based on criteria such as user reviews, interface, and included tools.


RedOS is the official application of Red Eléctrica de España. Among its functions, it offers the possibility of consulting prices in real time, in addition to other indicators related to the service, such as the wholesale price or current electricity demand.

Although it comes with several very interesting features, one of the ones we like the most is the query modes . On the one hand, it has metrics designed for the consumer or self-consumer and, on the other, an exclusive section for professionals.

Save on electricity

Save electricity is an application available only for mobile devices. Thanks to them you will be able to control energy expenditure and pay less at the end of the month. Why? How could it be otherwise, the cheapest hours appear among its indicators .

The operation of this app is very simple. All you have to do is select your area: peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla . Immediately, a summary of the current situation appears on the screen. Finally, click on the cheapest hours to receive a notice.


Electricity Price Spain

Price Light Spain is a tool that you will only find on the iPhone. As in the rest of the alternatives, it offers information regarding the regulated market or PVPC . It has an excellent design, adapted to the patterns of iOS, and versions for the iPad and Mac.

The idea that it pursues is similar to that of the rest of the applications mentioned: discover which are the cheapest hours to be able to adapt consumption habits. Other of its strengths are that it does not collect any data and that it is compatible with the VoiceOver accessibility solution.

Watt On

Watti On allows you to view the price of electricity in real time . It is an app available for Android devices that does not include advertising and is completely free. How could it be otherwise, the prices shown come from the Red Eléctrica page.

With the data offered by this application, the consumer is in control and is able to determine the cost of electricity at all times. This makes it easier to adapt to the cheapest time slots .


Lubpak – Light price for PVPC

We close this list with Lupback . Although it offers the same data as the rest, we liked it mainly because of its design. Thanks to a range of colors, it is easy to visually detect the cheapest hours.

Other options it offers are notifications, which remind you of the cheapest time slots, and the widget, which moves all the information to the home screen. It even supports the selection of the three available PVPC electricity rates.

Bonus: check the price of electricity on Telegram

The above five proposals are great for keeping track of the price of electricity from your mobile. However, if you prefer not to install more apps on your phone, here we tell you how to follow the cost of electricity through Telegram .

Thanks to the use of the Photovoltaic Bot bot , you will know the prices in real time and you will receive notifications when the new prices are published. To take advantage of its potential, simply locate the bot with Telegram’s global search and click Start.

After selecting the language (the bot understands Spanish, Catalan and English), enter your postal code and request the prices with the command P. The cost of energy per hour will appear.

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